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  1. OK this all could

    Gönderen: Parshotam En iyi ve güvenli alışveriş merkezi 27 04 2014

    OK this all could NOT have come at a better time! Starting in-person sales is/was my #1 goal for 2012 and I have been feinleg that goal slipping further & further away as the year has gone on. The more I tried to focus on the specifics & logistics of this thing-I've-never-done-before the more paralyzed I felt.But I followed the link over to Sales Without Shame last night and pretty much did a happy-dance in my living room as the more I read about Kristen's program the more I was convinced it was the answer to my paralysis !Bought it last night read it fantastically excited to now have a concrete plan to put into action. WOOT!BUT [but but but!!] here is my burning question:I could not be further from an in-person-sales model right now (I have no collections, I pretty much guide all my clients get the disc because it is the easiest thing to sell and has the highest profit margin when one is just putting pictures up online I know, I know! not good. That's why it was my #1 thing to change this year:). Obviously I have a lot of work to do creating collections & deciding what products I'm going to offer & at what prices scary but doable! BUT I am currently booked up through the end of August and my fall is starting to fill up too. So (here's the question finally) how the heck do I deal with these clients who booked me based on my current offerings (mainly, digital images)?? Do I need to sell to all of those clients the old way and moving forward just institute the new policies with any new bookings?? Or is there another way to deal with it?Would love to get both of your thoughts on that one!:)(and THANKS so much for this opportunity Christa! excited for the call tomorrow!)

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